KDDI is planning Ultra 3G


EVDO – Next Generation doesn’t sound sexy. That perhaps that explains why KDDI is staying away from the EVDO mumbo-jumbo, and is calling its post 3g network, The Ultra 3G. (No relation to Ali-G!) The Japanese giant along with rest of the CDMA faithful hopes to complete the next-generation CDMA 2000 wireless standard by mid-2007, which will boost speeds to 100-to-1000 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. “Third Generation Partnership Project 2” (3GPP2) will allow carriers to marry a whole slew of technologies – today’s 3G mobile phones, wireless LAN, IEEE 802.16e, new wireless systems, and even ADSL and FTTH wired access media using a technology called, “IP Multimedia Subsystem/Multimedia Domain (IMS).” There is a lot of talk about IMS these days. KDDI says it is on target to rollout EVDO Rev A service by end of 2006 – where speeds get goosed up to 3.1 Mbps down and 1.8 Mbps up.


Jesse Kopelman

Note that they hope to have the standard worked out by 2007, not the technology. HSDPA as a standard goes back to at least 2002, but you won’t see it deployed before 2006 . . . Achieving very high throughputs requires more spectrum than one can generally license. Getting an efficiency of 1 bit/Hz is considered quite excellent. At that efficiency you would need 100 MHz of spectrum to offer 100 Mbps service. I can’t think of an US carrier that has 100 MHz of spectrum in a given market even if you count 2.5 and 2.3 GHz licenses.

Om Malik

but when that happens. i think these technologies are going to happen, but i would temper my expectations

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