For Wireless Carriers, its Boyz II Men for profits

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Real men use Nextel for a phone service, while 18-year-old boys love Sprint, according to M:Metrics, a San Francisco research firm. In other words, SexTel, is the perfect name for the new combined service. All they need to do is replace the black coat guy with someone men of all ages like – Jessica Simpson is hot these days. T-mobile is winning because of Ms. Jones. M:Metrics found that carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint have a high percentages of younger subscribers, particularly those between the ages of 18-34, the most voracious consumers of mobile content. The good news is that the young makes buy a ton of mobile content. Old timers (65 and over) love Tracfone while teeny boppers love Virgin Mobile. Verizon and Cingular reflect the mass market, and attract subscribers who are 45 and older, less likely to consume mobile content. makes you wonder why in the name of god would Verizon and Cingular launch their music download services.

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Jesse Kopelman

Actually 18 year-olds do love Nextel, only it is marketed to them as Boost Mobile. I would also argue that T-Mobile’s better low end pricing is getting them more business than CZJ (who while Om’s readers might find super hot is old enough to be the mother of these youth consumers).

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