CosI have written about a bunch of products that come in a stick form, after all what is more mobile than something the size of a stick?  The Computer-On-a-Stick from Fingergear carries the tradition forward by putting an onboard operating system and a full suite of Microsoft Office compatible applications on a USB flash drive.  Throw in Firefox for web browsing, Evolution for email and instant messaging and you have a, wait for it, computer on a stick.  Capacities available range from 256 MB to 8 GB with pricing starting at $149.  Clever


michael parekh

It’s an interesting idea…curious if anyone has hands-on experience with the gizmo.

Also, I’ve not been able to find a version higher than 256mb on their website, jk…I’m wondering where you saw the 8gb version.

thanks for the heads up.


Actually it sounds more like a joke we had when I was in Boy Scouts about “Freeze Dried Water In a Cup, just add water!”

Computer on a stick, just add computer.

If Microsoft did this I wonder if it would come with a label: “Don’t make illegal copies of this stick.”. :-)

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