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CTAM Summit 05: Jon Bon Jovi

CTIA had Sean Combs. Here in Philly, CTAM has Jersey’s Jon Bon Jovi, co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League. Basically, a wide-ranging conversation about his life and times — he’s got an open style that plays well even and a wicked sense of humor. No MVNO to chat about, unlike Combs, but an interesting take on the download business and a side-effect beyond piracy and dwindling record sales.

“They’ve created a singles industry,” he lamented. He stuffs his iPod with albums; his kids buy the song, the single. The result is an over-emphasis on pop hits instead of growing music. “It makes them so disposable and genetic.”

His solution: instead of a singles industry that’s all about commerce and not about creativity, sell the pop-hit single for $.99 and offer a “b” side that might otherwise get attention for a penny. “If we create this industry of the 3:30 pop song, where is the next Bob Dylan coming from?”

He added: “If this is going to be my business card, at least make it two sided.”

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