Yahoo’s new WiFi Bus, and other tiny tales


So by now everyone knows about Google’s Magic Bus, which ferries folks over from the Glen Park BART station to Googleplex. Now there is word that even Yahoo is going to start a shuttle service from San Francisco to its headquarters down in the Valley. I think this is one good idea they should have copied. With more than 500 Yahooligans living in the city, the bus makes absolute sense. There will be some new Yahooligans who might use the bus as well. Heard it on the grapevine that Yahoo is about to announce yet another acquisition. Its small, and its cool, and that’s all I know. The scotch had kicked in before I could find more dirt. Talking about dirt, did you notice in Yahoo’s earnings report – they mentioned that they spent $122 million on acquisitions and other activities. That would be DialPad, Flickr, and TeRespondo. Nearly $72.4 million was paid out in cash. The big question: how much did they really pay for DialPad? Now wouldn’t I like to know!


garam chai

Om, I thought yahooligans is used to refer to kids who use Yahoo’s site for kids, Also, I see that Jerry Yang and David Filo both have the title Co-founder and Chief Yahoo–not Chief Yahooligan. When you say “With more than 500 Yahooligans living in the city…”, I am assuming you meant to say “With more than 500 Yahoos living in the city…”. I hope someone at Yahoo reading this will clear the confusion.

Regarding the acquitstions, wasn’t recently acquired by Yahoo?

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