The Blue Light Special


netgear wpn824All of you know I have been going through hard drives like nobody’s business. With nearly a terabyte of storage floating around my apartment, I was surprised that I would need more. Anyway I got hold of IOGEAR’s new 320 GB ION TriSelect external drive, which has both USB 2.0 and Firewire ports. The lush brushed aluminum casing matches all Macs, though I was surprised to find that the drive came formatted for Windows computers. What really caught my eye was that instead of the usual yellow, green or red lights, the console had blue lights. A few days ago, I got hold of Netgear’s RangeMax router, and that also has a blue light that flashes all the time. I have seen other devices with the same blue lights. I wonder if this is a hot new trend? Any thoughts?


Victor Blake

True blue LED’s are expensive. They are more likely LED’s with blue lenses :) What’s the difference — academic I suppose (unless you are using them for their specific optical (frequency) properties…


A few years back, when blue LEDs were invented, every device started to get them. With some of the devices I’ve seen lately, the blue LED trend has jumped the shark…

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