What I Want From My Next Powerbook?

Now that Apple has decided to switch to Intel chips, I am pretty sure they will be working on a whole new line-up of Powerbooks. I have been wanting to upgrade for a while – that is about six months – but have seen no compelling reason to spend the dollars. I have both 12 and 15 inch versions, but at times I wish they were more brisk and the screen was more crisp. I have a big wishlist for the next Powerbook, and hopefully Apple will give me a reason to spend. So what’s on my wishlist?

  1. Powerbook with 13.3 WXGA Screen. 12 inch is too small, 15 inch is too big, and the current screens lack a certain crispness to it.
  2. Don’t change the Aluminium casing. Perfection should not be messed around with.
  3. Don’t muck around with the keyboard – its perfect and makes you want to write.
  4. Keep connectivity options as they are – WiFi and Bluetooth, but add an EDGE/EVDO module as well.
  5. Add an audio-port similar to the ones found on cellphones, so we can use the same wired headsets.
  6. More battery life – five hours at the very least.
  7. Make the power charger smaller by 25%.
  8. Keep the weight of the machine below 4 pounds. 3.5 pounds would be ideal.
  9. Standard memory included in the device – one gigabyte, and standard storage 100 gigabytes.
  10. All this for around $1750. Now that would be awesome.

So now, you folks think Apple will roll out these features?


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