We’re the Tablet PC podcasters


I’m not going to step into the p****ng contest that Robert Scoble is having with Mac enthusiasts but as a result of that affair Marc Orchant and I are more famous than we were yesterday.  If only Scoble could remember our names .   :)

You should ask that over on Tablet PC BuzzTablet PC Talk, TabletPC Post, TabletPC Home, Tablet PC 2, Tablet PC Lounge, TabletPCWiki, or ask the Tablet PC podcasters. Or, ask Google. You know, those other guys who are kicking our behinds in the buzz department. Google’s PR told me the guy who does the Google logo uses a Tablet PC.

So there you have it straight from Robert. We’re as good as Google. (We’re the podcasters in case you were wondering.)


Josh Einstein

I’d like to hear what Robert has to say about this next year and why he expects it to climb 5 to 10 times. Obviously I have a very personal interest in that.

Go on the show already!

Marc Orchant

James, do you get the sense that Scoble was one of those little kids who teased the animals in the zoo?

“Fun little snit?” Good thing he has a thick skin.

–the “other Tablet PC podcaster”

Robert Scoble

Sorry I didn’t name you guys directly. It was a fun little snit, wasn’t it? The next year for Tablet PC users is gonna be pretty hot.

Corey McLaughlin

I just was playing with the creation of a Podcast discussing amoung other things Tablet PC’s. They both have their places. I’m enjoying reading your blog keep it up.

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