UTOPIA seeks Qwest suit dismissal

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Qwest earlier in the year had sued The Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) saying that the agency was using its telephone poles without permission. That’s a lie, says UTOPIA, in today’s Salt Lake Tribune. After a careful look at their infrastructure, they figured out that only three poles out of 3,900 being used for the network were Qwest property, and UTOPIA has removed its cables from those poles. Qwest owns 60,000 poles in Utah and blames “UTOPIA crews were responsible for a May 24 phone service disruption in Murray causing at least $400,000 in damages.” The $340 million UTOPIA project was organized in 2002 by 18 Utah municipalities, and 11 are still committed to it. Qwest has been trying to get the project stopped in its tracks from get-go, but hasn’t had much success. The pole controversy is just the latest effort on their part.

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Steven Watkins

Qwest is a company withour morals. They will do anything to stop competion. They rely on intimation to rule UTAH. maybe they need to be fined for their illeagal actions.

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