The Tablet PC Revolution


Martin Shoemaker is a UML instructor who also writes software for the Tablet PC.  He has written an excellent article for software developers who are curious about developing programs for the Tablet PC that describes just how easy it can be given the available tools.  This should show you how he feels about working with the Tablet PC:

My excitement began before I ever touched a Tablet PC. Call me a victim of Microsoft marketing (or too many years of watching Star Trek); but from the moment I saw the demo announcement, two years before the first models were available for sale, I saw something new there, something different. And I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I just didn’t know why.

And then I got my first Tablet PC. And it was a fun toy, but I still couldn’t explain to people why I wanted it – indeed, why I put up with a two-month backlog to get it. "It’s a laptop with a pen, but without as much memory or processor," they said. "Big deal." And these weren’t just any people. These were fellow programmers, and even extreme gadget freaks; and yet, aside from the novelty, they didn’t see what the big deal was. But I just knew they were wrong. Somehow, this was more than a laptop with a pen.

And then I started programming it. And for me, that was where the real fun began. I’ve always said that rather than play video games, I’d choose to write them. To me, programming of almost any sort is just a fun game. Problem solving isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. Given a computer, I would program even if nobody ever paid me a dime for it (don’t tell my clients!). And programming .NET is even more fun. And programming the Tablet PC using .NET is F-U-N.

This is an excellent article that all budding (or reluctant) developers should read to see how easy and as Martin says- FUN writing software for the Tablet PC can be.

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