FOLLOW-UP: Call for Help: iPod [Color] & Camera Connector

Original Post/Problem here.

Well good news! I finally figured out the trick. The solution is not as I would have expected from Apple – based on the way everything else syncs with the iPod – but that’s ok. “Think Different”, right?

So after you’ve downloaded photos to your iPod (via the camera connector), you want to download them to your computer (and in my case, iPhoto). Here’s what to do:

  • - Connect your iPod to your computer
  • - *in iTunes, make sure your iPod preferences have the iPod usable in Disk Mode
  • - Open iPhoto
  • - iPhoto automatically sees the iPod and opens to the Import Screen.
  • - Import!

You can even check the box to “remove photos from iPod”! Nice.
So it seems Apple did take care of business here afterall. I should have known better. It would have been nice to have a more readily available explanation of the process, but not a problem. Now we know.


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