FOLLOW-UP: Call for Help: iPod [Color] & Camera Connector


Original Post/Problem here.

Well good news! I finally figured out the trick. The solution is not as I would have expected from Apple – based on the way everything else syncs with the iPod – but that’s ok. “Think Different”, right?

So after you’ve downloaded photos to your iPod (via the camera connector), you want to download them to your computer (and in my case, iPhoto). Here’s what to do:

  • – Connect your iPod to your computer
  • – *in iTunes, make sure your iPod preferences have the iPod usable in Disk Mode
  • – Open iPhoto
  • – iPhoto automatically sees the iPod and opens to the Import Screen.
  • – Import!

You can even check the box to “remove photos from iPod”! Nice.
So it seems Apple did take care of business here afterall. I should have known better. It would have been nice to have a more readily available explanation of the process, but not a problem. Now we know.



Interesting article. One can learn to repair his or her ipod – without any advanced knowledge or tools.


BTW, iTunes is recognizing my iPod, disk mode is enabled, and “photo import” on iPod is turned on.


This was working fine – iPhoto was recognizing my iPod as an external photo storage device, and then it imported, asked me if I wanted to delete originals, etc. Then I had to reinstall iPhoto based on a Genius bar suggestion, because I was having some difficulty with a seeing some previously imported files (to be brief, for some reason, though the pic date was right, iPhoto was importing it into year 2000). Anyway, I solved that problem (had to reinstall iPhoto, and restore the iPod).

Now I can download pix to my ipod video without any problem through the camera connector. However, now iPhoto doesn’t automatically recognize the iPod and ask if I want to import pictures. I’ve tried reinstalling iPhoto and restoring iPod again, to no avail. I can manually import, but that’s not ideal.

Any ideas? Thanks much.


What if I do not use iPhoto?
Will I have problems in importing my pictures in My Images folder? (I use a PC)
Moreover, where can I find a detailed list of the camera supported? (I own a Sony cybershot V3)

Nick Santilli

Yeah – as long as you’ve got your iPod in Disk Mode, Image Capture reads it as any other device that might be carrying image files. Even get a snazzy click wheel iPod icon in Image Capture!


Does Image Capture also see the photo’s on the iPod? I am not an iPhoto fan (iView rocks) but I have been looking into mobile photo storage devices and the iPod seems to be one of the best options around since it is a multitasker and the price isn’t too bad either when compared to specialized photo storage devices which don’t multitask.

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