Otodio’s Text To Speech Play: Media Implications

Audio is going through a rapid change these days, and this development is part of that..Otodio is a London-based startup which has some technology which helps in text-to-speech conversion, good enough that it can be used by media companies to deliver audio versions of newspapers and other publications to digital radios, cellphones and other compatible devices. The technolgy involves a firmware upgrade on the receiver side, for it to be an Otodio compliant XML parser and text-to-speech engine

The angel-funded startup doesn’t expect to offer a commercial version to consumers until the latter part of next year. But as this other story says, it has already signed trials with XM in U.S. to build an in-car demo. And in U.K., ithas signed a deal with BT to be an OSP (Otodio Service Provider) for the UK; BT is spending between 50-100k GBP for the project.

Slightly complex, but read this story to understand it..

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