Skype’s imaginary billions


CNET has often been in trouble with the bloggers. If you read this line, you know why. “Skype’s annual revenue has not been disclosed, but analysts suggest that it could be in the $6 billion to $10 billion range.” Did no one even question this statement? it is ridiculous. James Enck writes, “I don’t know which analysts they’ve been talking to, but Skype revenue estimates of $6 – 10bn would make it two to three times the size of Google.”



Om likes to get his panties in a bunch and show how smart he is.


Obviously a typo, otherwise Draper does not have to say “wouldn’t even consider being acquired for less than $1 billion”. But what about the largest provider? We know through Skype Journal that it is number of transactions. And Martin tells us that its revenue is from slippage, breakage or something dirty like that. If anything, there is less getting worked up when it comes to Skype.


I am sure they just mistakenly wrote billions when they meant millions.


Just a typo. Doesn’t seem like something to get too worked up about.

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