Searchable scans coming in OneNote

The ability to collect information from a variety of sources is one of the greatest benefits I get from using OneNote. I regularly send information  from emails, PDFs, web pages, and virtually printed documents directly into OneNote. The drawback to the latter is that documents sent from virtual printers appear in OneNote as image files so any information they contain is not searchable in the program. This will be addressed in the next version according to Chris Pratley:

Since I know you care deeply, I’ll let you know that documents imported into OneNote 2003 using any virtual printer (even scans of docs) will be automatically "upgraded" in-place to be searchable in the next rel without you doing anything. So you can collect as much as you like now and know that it will all be searchable later. Do we rock or what?

Even scanned docs? And even docs imported now will be upgraded later to be searchable?  Sweet!

(Tablet PC Buzz via Rob Bushway)


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