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Buy Nokia 6682 Directly From Nokia

nokia6682You can buy the Nokia 6682 directly from Nokia. Someone asked me about this handset, earlier today. We all know how carriers in the US drag their feet, and most of us have to resort to import websites and pay a premium for the phone we want. I guess, Nokia thought this would be a good way to keep the upside and not have the gray market folks make all the profit. I hope all handset makers follow Nokia’s lead. Especially them Japanese handset makers who cannot seem to impress US phone companies. I would not mind buying Panasonic x800.

I love this phone, and this is the phone for me. I am intrigued by Nokia’s move to sell this phone to consumers directly. Having used it for almost a month, I love the fact that it iSyncs with my Powerbook, and can handle the Cingular network well. I have no dropped calls in Bay Area anymore, which makes me somewhat of a minority. I am assuming that it has to do with the phone. By the way, it will set you back by $599. via Russ.

11 Responses to “Buy Nokia 6682 Directly From Nokia”

  1. I use SE T637, (el cheapo) SE Z500a and Motorola RAZR…all with Cingular. Never had any dropped calls in the San Francisco bay area. None of these may be as cool (and as expensive) as Nokia 6682 but all of them get the basic job done rather nicely.

  2. doc, i still think 6682 is better. just to be sure. or of course if you could wait for a few weeks – the prices normally come down after six to eight weeks. i can also recommend the panasonic x800, if you are willing to sacrifice the 850 MHz frequency.

  3. I’m with T-Mo myself, but I thought T-Mo used Cingulars towers in CA for coverage so I need the 850Mhz band anyways, right? I might switch over to Cingular if they could match the 1000 anytime minutes + unlimited night and weekend minuites for 39.99 plus 19.99 for unlimited data.

    I’ve also heard stories of Cingular crippling certain features on phones like the ability to play MP3s as ringtones as a way to force you to have to buy ringtones through Cingular. Is that true?

  4. i have to say two things on this doc …. if you are a cingular customer this is the phone you want because of support for the 850 MHz frequency. If you are a T-Mobile user, then go for 6680, which is cheaper. I think the prices will eventually come down but it is a really good phone. The Mp3 player is sweet as well. Not that we iPod owners should care.

  5. Much as I love this phone and will finally be upgrading to it from my SE T610 I’d just like to note what highway robbery $599 is for this phone considering it’s more expensive then buying the 6680 at at $509 and the 6681 is $479 there. I will get this phone, but boy does Nokia know how to extract blood from a rock. Sheesh.