Is Blogging over?


“Blogging now feels like on-line shopping around the year 2000 or 2001. Most of us no longer think it’s a miracle that it works, a new thing, scary, difficult, hard to understand, etc,” says Jeremy Zawodny. After all the excitement of early days, now the fatigue is setting in. Its a publishing schedule that can kill. My fingers can tell rest of the story. Scoble thinks, “What HAS peaked is the A list. It doesn’t matter much anymore. The blog search services are blowing apart those mountains pretty quickly.” Of course if you could find more than five referrals from blog search services (barring Bloglines, which is not really search), I could buy Robert’s argument. What’s over – pointless pontification!



Pointless pontification is not over. If that were true this site would be blank.

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