How to convince your SO you need a Tablet PC


Josh Bancroft of TinyScreenfuls mentioned on his latest TinyPodcast that he is trying to convince his wife they need a Tablet PC for her to use in an upcoming calligraphy class.  Very clever.  Let us know if it works, Josh.  :)


michael parekh

The Intuos tablet can’t be used a tablet PC by Josh when his wife is not using it for calligraphy :)

big downside…otherwise, I’m sure it’s MUCH better for calligraphy.

Michael Levy

For calligraphy, would she be better off with an Intuos3 tablet?

They can recognize the tilt angle of the pen, which is pretty important for calligraphy (at least, so far as I know).

I don’t think any tablet PCs can do this; their pen sensors are less sensitive.

Disclaimers: I’ve never done calligraphy and I haven’t actually used an intuos (I have a graphire).

Also: getting her started on a drawing tablet might be the key to convincing her to get a tablet PC for her next laptop…

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