GSM Phone as Bluetooth Modem


I recently stumbled upon this great piece by John R. Chang on using a GSM Phone as a Bluetooth Modem on Mac OS X. Funnily enough, the set-up he’s outlining is nearly exactly the same one I have.

Back when Rich and I covered WWDC 2005, we were hard-pressed to find a reliable WiFi link during the Keynote, as all nodes were quickly overloaded and brought to their knees. So I eventually dialed-up over bluetooth via the Sony Ericsson t610 with a dial-up account to bring you the live updates …

WiFi is cool, GigE is cool too. But in a pinch, a good ol’ analog dial-up can save the day.


Oleksandr Shevchenko

I have done connection of my PDA to the Internet through my phone via bluetooth.
But now I am thinking about opposite connection. My PDA has a WLAN network card and I would like to use it as gateway for data connections of my phone. Is this possible? How to do this?
Phone: Nokia 6021
PDA: HP iPAQ 3715


While I was waiting opposite the opening of the London Apple Store I used my mobile to access the ‘net, but not as a modem. I connected to the mobile, in this case a Nokia 6230, via Bluetooth but the transmission was then carried via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) using the UK telco provider Orange as my ISP. I was able to use iChat to not only text chat with friends but one even mistakenly started a voice chat (which was abruptly cancelled!).


Take a look at for a little howto on using your Bluetooth mobile phone as an iTunes or DVD remote for your mac. Can be useful too :)

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