Call for Help: iPod [Color] & Camera Connector

Do you have a color iPod? How about the optional Camera Connector? Well then maybe you can help me out. Did Apple really drop the ball this badly? Sorry, I’ll let everyone in on the problem here.

You see, I just recently got myself a shiny new 20gb color iPod. It’s pretty nice. Of all it’s features, I was most interested in the ability to download photos directly from my Rebel XT to the iPod using the optional Camera Connector. The process is pretty simple and straight forward and once you’re done you’ve got a nice new album stored on your iPod for photo viewing.

My issue is that retrieving the newly downloaded-to-my-iPod-from-my-camera photographs is a completely manual task! I would have expected Apple to come full circle and have the new photos – only residing on the iPod, and NOT in iPhoto yet – automatically imported to iPhoto upon sync’ing. But unless I’ve missed something super obvious, it seems the iPod only TAKES (music and photos) from the computer, and doesn’t offer up any of it’s treasures. I knew that’s how the music part worked, but I expected something different for when I wanted to put my photographs in a permanent place.

Instead of the new photos on my iPod sync’ing automagically, I’ve been having to go into the iPod in Disk mode and manually copy/import the images to iPhoto, and then manually delete the folder from my iPod. This is more work than I’m used to from an Apple product. I guess my next step is to fire up Automator and see if I can have it do the heavy lifting for me. I just feel like Apple should have thought this part through a little better.

So please – let’s hear it from all the iPod/Camera Connector owners out there. What am I doing wrong? Or – if it’s a limitation on Apple’s side and not a case of me being slow – what is your process for handling the retrieval of your photographs FROM your iPod?


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