Alan Kay, HP research guru given the pink slip?

San Jose Mercury News reports that in order to get its house in order, HP is cutting research and letting go of Alan Kay, a Silicon Valley legend.

> Kay joined HP in 2002 as a senior fellow. A Silicon Valley pioneer, Kay led a team at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center in the 1970s that developed windows and a graphical interface for the Alto, a forerunner to the personal computer. The Alto influenced the development of the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Dan Gillmor says, “HP hasn’t been a visionary leader in research for some time. But letting Alan Kay go is a penny-wise move, at best.” To me these are the kind of moves we saw at Bell Labs, and ironic that the focus is being shifted from basic research (that made US tech giants what they are) to counting nickels. PCs won’t save HP, research will.


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