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Yamaha Wireless Offers Layered Ringtones

The Wireless Content Department of Yamaha Corporation of America is offering mobile ringtones using “hybrid content that layers live recordings over polyphonic MIDI, and other developments” which it claims improves the quality of ringtones.

For example, the new “Rock Tones” service made available in the spring of 2005 recreates high-quality rock-based selections with hybrid content – providing a new degree of power and fidelity. Developed by Yamaha programmers who specialize in music and sound formats, the files are programmed to provide the best quality of sound for mobile phones, as well as the strums, twangs and signature dynamics that make rock music special. Yamaha distributes through additional services, such as YAMAHA Ringtones, different types of hybrid tones. For example, Hip-Hop titles with recorded “rap” layered over polyphonic MIDI music add enhancements to resemble the original songs.

I’m not sure how the layering improves quality over just using the MP3 of an actual song, but I’m not a sound technician…Yamaha makes a lot of MIDI-based musical instruments such as keyboards and synthesizers, so the company certainly has the expertise in creating digital music.
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