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Judging by the response to my Treo-related post, where the comments section is still fairly active six months later, there’s a fair number of Mac users who also are Treo 650 users (and almost all of us are trying to get internet connectivity on our favorite PDA.) For all of us Treo/Mac users, there’s now, a forum dedicated to making your Treo work best with your Mac.

(Hat tip: TUAW )

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Jason Terhorst

Must…. have…. updated…. Newton!

Seriously, I think Apple should pull that back up again, or make the iPod the new Newton. The market may be crowded, but people would see the iPod:Newton, and would immediately jump to the iPod, and ignore any competitors. Apple’s strength in the market that they currently have will really help them.

I want something that’s cheaper than a laptop, but more useful than an iPod, that I can handwrite or type notes in class.

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