Sony updating the U series?

5 Comments is reporting that an anonymous source claims Sony is working on an updated version of the Sony U series ultra-portable computer.  The source also claims the new device has a swivel screen indicating a convertible type form factor is being designed.  As with all rumors we will have to wait and see if this rumor has any basis in fact and especially since tight-lipped Sony is involved.  I’d sure love to see a convertible UPC.



I use Standby and Resume all day long and my Tablet is ready in just a couple of seconds.

Fahad Fateh

I hope its true because I have been thinking of buying one as soon I get a job. I have been reading about it alot and just would love to see one in my hands.

Yes I agree a bigger screen would be better but not too big. Tablet is something you carry around(alot) and its a waist of your energy and money if you have to carry it like a notebook.

One thing I really want to see in tablets is an OS that boots instantly(like pda) so that we can get into using it quickly. I dont have a tablet but I think it would be very irritating at times when you are out for work and need to input some data and you have to stand there and wait for the tablet to boot.


As long as its a true tablet this time please. I hope they’ve learnt their lesson on that. I suspect not somehow though. I bet it has a bigger screen

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