Pocket PC Addict hacked and down


I was wondering why Pocket PC Addict has been down for a few days and I just got the dirt from site owner Brad Isaac.  PPCA was hacked and the vandals did some serious damage to the server and Brad is trying to get it all back up and restored.  I was surprised to hear this because I know Brad is very security conscious and he had PPCA protected very well.  He suspects that on a recent vacation he did some remote posting and FTPing to the site and a hacker sniffed those sessions and got access information for the server.  This is a chilling reminder to anyone with a website (especially me) who does remote posting and administration of that site to be aware if you’re on an open hotspot that someone very well might be listening in.  Good luck getting everything fixed, Brad.



Thanks for posting about PPC Addict. I haven’t been able to “get there” for days and thought that something like a hacker had been at work. Now I know for sure.

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