Indian Auntiejee is now called Engage

engage beta PayPal co-founders, flush with cash have decided that perhaps it is time to fund a dating start-up. (Given MySpace’s $580 million buyout, I can’t blame them for getting on a train wreck!) Not that their previously effort Yelp has gone anywhere. It is with a side of eHarmony and liberal sprinkling of Friendster. In other words, its a mash-up of old ideas. No different from founder Suneet Wadhwa’s previous effort, Snapfish, a digital photo service. Actually, if you peel the onion, the idea of a friend playing the matchmaker, albeit online is what aunts in India do, to get their nephews and nieces hooked up. Given that Wadhwa is still single, I am pretty sure he has some first hand experience. Matt Marshall at Silicon Beat is impressed, I am not. Getting traction in the market place is not that easy – it needs lot of marketing dollars. The younger set is happy hooking up via TheFaceBook and MySpace. And despite the viral-social networking nature of the project, I think Engage will need a long courtship with singles to become a playa!