Cinema Ban For Mobiles In War On Film Pirates

This is taking the definition of copyright piracy to ridiculous extremes…mobile phones will be temporarily confiscated during movie screenings at this years Edinburgh Film Festival in “a crackdown on movie piracy”.

The concerns have been raised because of next-generation mobile phone cameras, which can take film clips of almost three minutes, as well as still pictures.

While they could not be used to pirate an entire film, the devices would allow parts of the latest blockbusters to be shown on-line months before they were due out in cinemas on general release, as well as using movie images for unauthorised purposes.

They should also make people sign non-disclosure agreements forbidding them to talk about the movie, just in case…
This is not about piracy (still pictures of movies cannot be considered piracy) it is about the movie industry wanting to control the image of a movie online. They only want the officially released stills and specially created posters to be used when talking about the movie, if anything is. They should just say that rather than make ridiculous claims about “mobile phone piracy”. Personally, I think it’s a good way to kill a buzz…although I appreciate the benefit of not having phones in a cinema while the movie is on.
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