Untangle with Cordster


There is now a simple and elegant solution to the tangled headphone cord problem and it is called the Cordster.  According to the Cordster web site it works with all portable cords and snaps on and off easily using a "Velcro-like fastener".  The Cordster comes in 3 colors and is less than $5.


(via TRFJ)



i love mine. my damn cords are more annoying than adding 7mm, especially since its removable. cases and belt clips add at least that much anyway

Fahad Fateh

The thing is 7mm deep. In a way it is very useful but I dont think that I would like my device to get thicker by 7mm. In an age where users like to have thinner devices, I dont think this would work. Instead if the people at Cordster could come up with some thing that hangs with the cord, for instance a small light weight box(http://k.domaindlx.com/nxrb/) with a lid, that will contain the extra cord.


Oh yeah, retractable heaven.

Keep find me more stuff to buy there buddy! :)

Good work, this one’s inexpensive.

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