Sonos Mac Desktop….quick and dirty review


Sonos released their Mac Desktop Controller. Download, installed and linked the zoneplayers in less than five minutes. On the first run, the software looked for iTunes music folder, and found it. It asked me to turn on Windows sharing, and prompted me on how to do it. In a few clicks, I was ready. Added the desktop music folders to the entire mix, and voila, a mega library was at my fingertips. I like the fact that now I can create playlists with ease. The best part – the library doesn’t show any iTunes DRM protected songs in the library. However, if they could figure out a way to import smart playlists from iTunes into the playlist folder … that would be awesome. I would love to see integration of music recommendation engines with the music library, which is now running close to about 250 gigabytes. I would love to see a plug-in that allows me to publish my tracks to my blog! Sort of like what we already have for iTunes. Not to gush – this is Mac software done right!


Victor Voo

Thanks to you Om, got the Sonos and am absolutely happy with it. It’s exactly what I was looking for – minimal wires, cool looking, great audio.

My wife thinks so too!

Om Malik

hey chris, just to remind you, the system does not play any Apple DRM songs. it just picks up any mp3 files in your iTunes library.

chris holland

mmm interesting. Back a few weeks ago i caved-in to the Sonos ads you were running on your blog and checked out their site. I found their stuff very interesting, but was indeed worried about getting it working with my iTunes library without having to resort to hacks. It would appear they’ve taken care of that now huh. Sounds pretty cool.

Jonathan Greene

Om – Sonos has totally nailed it. I’ve been testing a few units and it’s just so damn simple, it’s wonderful.

The iTunes integration and Mac software just further round out a great product.

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