Blog Post Adds RSS Options For Users And Sites

RSS is ubiquitous enough now not to report here every time someone starts a new feed. Some implementations stand out, though, like today’s announcement from video and audio search engine offering customized RSS feeds — they’re calling them SmartFeeds — for users and syndication for sites. Users can set up search terms, pick the Blinkx channels (including podcasts) they want to pull from, limit the number of results and opt for filtered or unfiltered results. The custom feed query can be pasted into any RSS reader and, ideally, users can click and listen or view.
I just set one up for the Tour de France, including all the channels in my search to get a sense of the results. The results include every time the phrase was mentioned and not a lot I wanted to see or hear. I tried “Karl Rove” and pulled up some CSPAN links but none worked in Bloglines. Nothing from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN. When I switched to FeedDemon, still nothing current but it worked.
Blinkx didn’t invent customized RSS but the ability to create feeds from keyword searches of multi-media content advances the idea considerably.
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