Yet another Verizon FIOS story


Its like same story, different newspaper. Every weekend I come across a newspaper story that gushes about the Verizon FIOS project, and how wonderful it will all be. The comments from Verizon spokespeople, the general content of the story, is so boiler plate, that you often wonder … WTF! The concerns about redlining are also the same, regardless of the newspaper. This week, it is New York Daily News, which is found gushing. Apparently, the service is available in Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Next up, Arverne by the Sea, a planned community in the Rockaways. “Upgrading from copper to fiber is a huge undertaking,” Verizon spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton tells the Daily News, “We don’t have the technology to deploy FiOS in multiple-dwelling homes yet.” In other words, NYC folks – don’t count on fiber anytime soon!



i just bought a house with verizon fios and called to get it removed so i could go back to dsl. they told me that they would not remove the fios and dsl was unavailable (house 2 doors down has DSL),how can i get back to a copper wire

Jamie Ciocco

I think what they meant was “we don’t have the technology to keep neighbors from splitting a single connection in in multiple-dwelling homes yet.”

David Oliver

Matt, in my specific case, the copper wire connecting me to the “telephone pole” was removed during installation, but this was a safety-related action as the wire was old and hanging low. Verizon would be required to reinstall that at no cost to me if I ever chose to remove FiOS. Nothing was removed from my house – the equipment box added outside my house was “patched” to the original phone wiring. (PS: I am not a Verizon employee or in any way associated with Verizon personally. My expression of satisfaction here and in other comments is solely based on my experience as a customer).


I’ve read (somewheres) that FIOS installation involves taking out the copper wire to your phone socket– and consequently making Verizon the only possible supplier of telco-based broadband to your residence. Is this true?

Thomas Hirsch

Note that AT&T saw the telephone/cable convergence when it bought Telecommunications Inc. a few years ago. Then, in one of the stupidest moves ever, AT&T sold its cable properties to Comcast at a bargain price a couple years ago.

Thomas Hirsch

Cable systems in NYC are fiber-based. Which leads me to a question for you, om: Is it inevitable that RBOCs and cable companies merge? Is it really necessary to have two virtually the same communications systems (in a few years)? I mean, there is only one electricity-supply system just about everywhere.

David Oliver

I’m in Westchester County NY (“red-lined in” I guess) and got FIOS about 6 weeks ago. Hookup was painless, installers professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgable. Interestingly, they used the Argonne National Lab gigabit testbed site to “prove” the throughput of my machine was working as specificied (2Mb up/5Mb down). I had only one problem (service went down hard after about 48 hours). Upon calling Verizon, they fixed it immediately – my guess being that they flubbed the DSL-to-FiOS billing handoff internally (I was a Verizon DSL customer).

That said, I don’t grok Verizon’s comment that they don’t have multi-unit dwelling equipment yet. Fiber as a “core” network technology has existed for years – you’d think they be *better* at multi-dwelling that at suburban single-drop rollout!

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