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Sonos Mac Desktop and other upgrades coming

Sonos Digital Music system is going to get much needed upgrade tomorrow. For starters, the Santa Barbara company is going to finally release a mac desktop controller, which will make it easier to manage music libraries for mac user. The desktop controller has been a Windows only feature so far. But that is not all. The Version 1.2 Sonos software will have support for Windows Media® Audio (WMA) Internet radio stations and podcasting. Those with mega collections are going to love the new feature, called “Power Scroll” gives you a shortcut for scrolling through large music libraries via a “scroll by letter” feature on their Sonos™ Controller.

5 Responses to “Sonos Mac Desktop and other upgrades coming”

  1. I think a lot of you out there missed one very big difference from SONOS to most of the other products mentioned. You DO NOT have to have a PC running server software for SONOS to work. You can run your SONOS system stand alone with no dedicated PC server. All you have to do is attach a network drive for the music source and have an internet connection from your router for upgrades and internet radio. The other systems can’t touch this. So with the outstanding controller and the stand alone capability SONOS can’t be matched at any price comparison. SONOS has also announced a new zone player without the amp for less money.