Some random HP tc1100 photos


I haven’t taken many photos lately since the demise of my Canon camera.  I reverted back to my old 1.3 MP Sony camera but since it uses Memory Stick (yuck) I had no way to get the photos back to my Tablet. The USB cable with its funny proprietary connector has long been lost. Today I was digging through my junk drawer and found an old Sony mouse with a Memory Stick reader built into the body.  Here are some photos of the HP tc1100 that I took weeks ago and thought I’d share now.

HP tc1100 vs. JVC Interlink XP741 for size comparison:

Hp_jvc1 Hp_jvc_2

The JVC is a very small mini-sub notebook computer and it’s amazing to see how small the HP is sitting next to it.

Below is the setup I use a lot with the HP.   I often use it in a notebook configuration with the laptop desk and the IOGear Bluetooth mouse.  I can use it on the ottoman in front of my chair or just put it on my lap.


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