Scobleizer needs a makeover?


Given how many times he mentions Microsoft (and its cooltechnologies) on his blog, maybe it is time for Robert to start calling his blog – Scoble’s Microsoft blog.


Bud Gibson

I have noticed that the microsoft content is high, but he has a long history with them, even before he started there. Recognizing his bias, I still find a few nuggets.


Hmmm….I just picked a random day 3 years ago before he worked at Microsoft and saw 3 out of 3 posts mention Microsoft:
Yet today he mentioned Microsoft in 1 out of 3 posts so far. So maybe he’s “Scobleizer, Now With Only 1/3 the Microsoft”!

(Yeah, yeah, tiny sample size, but still…)

Robert Scoble

Interesting idea! But it already is titled “Microsoft Geek Blogger” so not sure that your title makes it much closer.

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