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Indie Labels Get Ringtones

IRIS LogoIRIS Distribution has teamed with Xingtone to “allow independent labels affiliated with IRIS to offer ringtones directly from their websites”. The idea is that the independent labels can make use of the established fan-base that already visits their websites by offering rigntones of their artists.
“The mobile industry has historically been dominated by major label music, but now IRIS is providing a solution to independent labels that will allow them to establish a viable ringtone presence…”We are excited to enable our label clients to add ringtone delivery to their websites because it is important in establishing the role of independent labels in this emerging market,” said Bryn Boughton, Chief Marketing Officer of IRIS. “Now when a fan is online visiting their favorite indie labels, they can easily download ringtones without having to leave the site. This is one way IRIS is making sure that independent labels are treated equally throughout the digital music market.”
The system probably uses Xingtone’s mStore product, which is “a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent content owners to market, sell and deliver real-music ringtones from their website directly to fans at the click of a button”.
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