Australian DVB-H Trial Starts

Mobile TVThe trial of DVB-H broadcasting technology by Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra is due to start next week. There’s not a lot new in the article, apart from a couple of mistakes…such as the assertion that DVB-H is the “only mobile video technology specifically designed to work on digital TV signals” and that “Communications Minister Helen Coonan witnessed the same technology in operation during a recent visit to South Korea”. Korea uses DMB technology, not DVB-H…
However, the interesting part of the story is the interest by the Federal Government, which is apparently looking at supporting mobile television as “another way of injecting more services into the media sector ahead of the possible removal of cross-media and foreign ownership restrictions”. Perhaps, but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned that large telcos will use their market position to “strangle these new forms of competition”, so it’s obviously going to take more than just different channels. After all, it’s the number of media owners that are important, not the number of distribution methods…
Incidentally, a good place to check out the various mobile TV technologies is here.
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