Microsoft’s OPM TO PAre Down Premium Content On Incompatible Monitors?

This article on Engadget is generating a lot of buzz: In Longhorn, the new OS version from Microsoft, people are beginning to wonder the DRM capabilities. And this one sounds like science fiction, but technically possible: Longhorn will incorporate a content protection technology called PVP-OPM. OPM performs two main functions. First, it detects the capabilities of the display devices attached to the computer. For instance, does the DVI LCD monitor that you’re using have HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)? Second, it manages what, if anything, gets sent to those devices.

All sorts of things will happen if you do not have a compatible monitor. If you’re playing high-def content, it will pare down the resolution in some cases and in most cases…”if OPM determines that your monitor falls below the security restrictions, you could be greeted with a ‘polite message explaining that [your monitor] doesn’t meet security requirements.'”

We’ll keep a watch on how this plays out.

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