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Check out the Side by Side comparison of an old Powerbook Duo 230 and a new 12″ Powerbook G4 here.
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I had a duo 230 my freshman year of college. Ah, memories… Not really. Wow, didn’t do much on it back then. Wish I had it now though.

I do still have my family’s Apple II+ from WAY back in the day. It’s in storage someplace. Need to get that out and play a bit I suppose.

What old Apple Computers do you still have? Got pictures?



You inspired me to take a few shots of my old Quadra 700 and a fairly unique piece of equipment, the Apple PowerCD. Now that I see you stuck yours on Flickr I should have done the same, but they might have scared the folks who frequent my Flickr site. It would have saved some DreamWeaver hassels. Assuming I have everything right, here’s the link


I have a pretty good collection of old stuff that I have bought over the years, including a couple of IIe’s. I bought one for parts a few years ago and it turned out to work fine.

I found a copy of Battleship and you could almost watch the computer think about the next move.

My favorite Mac would have to be either my Quadra 700 or my 8600 which I found to be almost bullet proof. It still runs great. The Quadra 700 which I believe started life as a IIcx and was upgraded a couple of times eventually was my first file server with a decent size drive. Before that I had this amazing RasterOps (?) video card which I used to grab video. I can still remember leaving it running over night to finish rendering some clips. Wow, things have changed.

The product I used to love in the Duo line was the 2300 which was the PPC version of the Duo 280c. I believe I still have one of the tiny ethernet docks that plugged into the back to let you get on the network. A number of CIOs begged Apple to come up with another sub-note book when they quit producing the Duo, but Apple kept saying the market was too small and what people really wanted was desktop replacements. Actually the market wanted both.


My first Mac was an SE/30 which I used for 4 years and then sold. 6 years later the buyer bought an iMac and offered to give back the SE/30 (still working). I already had an original Fat Mac in working condition so that was the start of my personal computer museum. I now have an Atari 800, Atari ST, Commodore VIC, PB 145, Bondi Blue iMac, and Duo 2300. All working. My wife doesn’t understand.

Brash Mandicoot

My pride and joy is my little Color Classic

I’ve upgraded him with a 1gig SCSI HD, 64mb ram, and the L/B from an LC575 (running 7.6.1)

it’s a great little machine, I love it
I’m going to hang on to it for many years to come

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