Thorough review of the Tecra M4 Tablet PC


Shawn Erdenberg is a student at Purdue University who recently purchased a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC.  He has written a very thorough review of the M4 and anyone interested in the device should certainly give it a read.  His review gives an in-depth look at the M4 screen viewing angles, brightness comparisons with other laptops, and outdoor viewing.  Very nice job, Shawn!  Some of his conclusions for the curious:

I got the M4 because of its huge screen and haven’t regretted it. Granted, the viewing angle is so-so, but when looked at from straight on it’s absolutely beautiful. I didn’t have any illusions of a small or lightweight unit and got exactly what I expected. I won’t need the high performance of the Sonoma chipset or NVidia video card often, but I will certainly be glad I have it when it is needed. Battery life isn’t great, but isn’t terrible and I expect to get a more reasonable life when the secondary battery arrives. The bloatware is most aggravating, but once you get it removed it is no longer an issue (until you need to reformat, of course).

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