Networking at 500 mph


You heard me correctly, networking at 500 miles per hour.  Eric Mack and Michael Sampson cracked open their Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PCs on a flight last month and using a crossover network cable were able to create a little LAN while cruising through the clear blue skies.  If that isn’t geeky I don’t know what is.  I can only imagine what the flight crew and their fellow passengers were thinking as this network was unfolding.  They saw two computers without keyboards, something they probably have never seen before, and then these two guys started wiring everything together.  Yes I can imagine there were a few uncomfortable people on this plane.  The best thing to take away from this is evident in the photo below- even though the M4 is a big Tablet PC (14.1" screen) notice how easy it is for them to use in slate mode even in a cramped airline seat.  Also note that since Eric is right-handed and Michael is left-handed they look almost like mirror images of each other.  Scary.



Joshua Jung

Hey, on my Lufthansa transatlantic flights I usually even have wireless internet access per FlyNet. Now that’s fun.


“Yes I can imagine there were a few uncomfortable people on this plane.”


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