Meeting Marc Andreessen

In case you were wondering why the posting was lite, well I was down in the Valley catching up with sources, friends, and of course the stars of Silicon Valley. One of them – Marc Andreessen, the man behind Netscape. Ironic, because only yesterday, I was reading the Netscape retrospective in Fortune magazine. While most of our conversation was off the record, Marc discussed how the Valley had changed and how broadband has helped spread the innovation seed. In his opinion, as blogs, open source and connectivity expand, new minds and new (tech) talents will grow in places like we would have never looked before. (I did the hard sell on why he should blog!)

When I asked him about Web 2.0, he politely requested that one should wait for 24 Hour Laundry. He would not give me any skinny on the 24 Hour Laundry, except pointing out that the C/Net story was totally wrong. I tried, many different ways. Nada, Nothing! Anyway it was fun catching up with him, and while he has been subject of my ribbing often, I did find our little coffee break quite enjoyable. I came back, opened my to find a note from him about Netscape. Quite telling actually…

When noting the “failure” of Netscape, you might also note these facts:

  • $600 million in revenue when sold in 1998
  • Profitable and cash-generating when sold in 1998
  • $350 million in cash and no debt when sold in 1998
  • Sold in 1998 for $10 billion
  • Every private or public shareholder who ever bought a share of NSCP made money if they held through the acquisition and then sold — every one

Point taken!

Marc Canter says, whatever!