Junxion Box for sharing EVDO

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Junxion_boxThe New York Times has an article about using a Junxion Box with a Verizon EVDO modem card to share the high-speed wireless connection over WiFi.  The Junxion Box is a simple and driver-free way to plug the modem card in, connect to Verizon’s BroadbandAccess network, and then share it via the integrated WiFi generated hotspot.  Needless to say Verizon is not very happy about this but time will tell if there is anything they are going to do about it.  The Junxion Box is being used in Willie Nelson’s tour bus and has also been spotted on Google’s employee buses.

The Junxion Box firmware currently supports the following carrier networks and PC Card modems:

– Kyocera KPC-650 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)

Cingular/AT&T Wireless
– Novatel U520 (UMTS)
– Sierra AC 775 (EDGE/GPRS)
– Sony Ericsson GC82 (EDGE/GPRS)
– Sony Ericsson GC83 (EDGE/GPRS)

– Novatel C201 (1xRTT)
– Novatel S620 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)
– Sierra AC 550 (1xRTT)
– Sierra AC 580 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)

Verizon Wireless
– Kyocera KPC 650 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)
– Novatel V620 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)
– Sierra AC 555 (1xRTT)
– Sierra AC 580 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)
– Sierra/Audiovox PC3220 (1xRTT)
– Sierra/Audiovox PC5220 (1xEV-DO/1xRTT)

According to the Junxion site they post firmware update downloads as new modems are released.  The price of the Junxion Box is around $700.

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