How to get photos off a RAZR onto your Mac

Given my apathy for Motorola interface, I refuse to use any of their phones, But when reader, Jonathan Hirshon, Principal at Horizon Communications, sent in this tip, I could not resist sharing it with all of you. Hopefully you benefit from his insights.

iSync is great for merging Address Book and iCal – but it took me FOREVER to figure out my photos off the phone…

The Bluetooth file utility on Tiger was useless – it always timed out every time I tried a file browse to get the pics off.

Here’s how it’s successfully done:

Go to My MEdia (Moto’s asinine caps, not mine), select pictures, view the pic, select the menu button, select move (make sure your phone is paired first) and off it goes. You can also select ‘mark all’ in the menu once you are in the gallery and then move them en masse.

The key is – you have to do all this from the PHONE, *NOT* the Mac. Also, make sure you have Activity Monitor present, as a number of threads never quit and started overheating my CPU until I force-quit them all…

Not perfect – or even close to it – but it DOES work.


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