Did Cisco cause a China Internet Outage?

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Light Reading says a snafu in Cisco routers cause a big Internet outage in China. China Netcom’s 200,000 customers were offline for a bit. Is this the opening Huawei has been looking for?

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Kristaps Kaupe

About a week ago problems with CISCO router caused big Internet outage in Latvia. Monopolist of .lv TLD, company called Latnet, was offline from around 8:00 till around 17:00. So, their DNS servers was inaccessible and you couldn’t resolve .lv hostnames outside your ISP. Also, LITA, which is Latvian government’s ISP, uses Latnet Internet, so, practically all working day many government websites was inaccessible (like, parliaments website http://www.saeima.lv). In fact, all they was living without the Internet. You can read about in in “Telecoms in Latvia” weblog – http://latviantelecoms.blogspot.com/2005/07/mad-router-zaps-latnet.html

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