Entrepreneurs: The Mac Opportunity


Om Malik just got the inside scoop from a sipphone.com executive of the growing success of The Gizmo Project, which has showed a very high adoption rate and enthusiasm from the Mac Community.

It would appear Michael Robertson heeded the advice he had sent out to developers of online communities.

Mac OS X is often touted as the ultimate Digital Hub. While media and entertainment traditionally come to mind, Communications and Interoperability are also important strengths of this platform, which are just starting to get underscored in certain Voice applications.

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Chris Holland

heh. i’m a switcher! :) I actually never used Skype much. i ordered a DT-120 and an hs810 for Brandy’s ibook so she can make most her calls through Gizmo. When that’s done, i’ll be canceling my sprint “simple 7” long distance service.


What’s funny is that all the “A” list bloggers/podcasters who are advocates of open source, open standards, open conversations, open everything all seem to use the very closed, very proprietary Skype.
Gizmo sounds like the perfect alternative. Let’s see how many of them eat their dog food and switch.

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