And then there was Palm


New_palm_logoIn the beginning there was Palm, and it was good. Many throughout the land had Pilots, and it was very good. Then a deep malaise descended on the people and the Company lost its way and much market share was lost, and it was not good. We shall be called PalmOne from here forth, and all the people will see us as new and reborn, and all will be good once more. But the people saw that nothing had changed and more market share was lost, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard throughout the land.   But the Company was very smart, and knew what to do. We shall become Palm once more, and things will be as they were in the beginning. And the people made not a single noise.


Blake Bowen

The thing is, is this a true return to form for Palm, or just a thinly veiled plan to deprive PalmSource of the Palm name and thus not be chained to the Palm OS any longer?

Mike Cane

>>>And the people made not a single noise.

Well I have. That logo is ugly. Looks like a child’s Popsicle!

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