Vonage spends more dollars… Canadian dollars


The free spending VoIP providers is trying to buy its way into the Canadian market. Same story, different currency!


Om Malik

its just something which boggles my mind. report the rumor, then have bellsouth deny it. generate lots of page views.

Jesse Kopelman

Somebody is trying to short some Bellsouth stock . . .


as it says as a rumor but if it’s for real then this is excellent news for XTEN as a vonage softphone provider.


BellSouth Declines Comment on Vonage Acquisition

From Al Bredenberg’s VoIP and CRM Blog:


[July 13, 2005]

BellSouth representatives are declining comment on today’s rumors of a possible acquisition of VoIP provider Vonage. Late this afternoon, an inquiry sent from TMCnet to BellSouth generated a quick but definite refusal to comment on the question.

Today Rich Tehrani, president of TMC, posted the following on his VoIP Blog under the entry title “BellSouth to Buy Vonage”:

“Rumor has it that Vonage is in talks with Bell South to sell their VoIP service company for about 3.5 billion dollars. At about 800,000 subscribers that values each Vonage subscriber at $4,375!”

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