Outlook Mobile Manager re-emerges

Microsoft Research has brought Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) back from the dead.  The original version kind of disappeared a couple of years ago but this new version 2.0 could actually be useful for Outlook users.  OMM prioritizes messages and reminders (both task and calendar) and sends them along with an Outlook Today style screen to your wireless device.  OMM makes intelligent decisions about when to send email and the other information down to your mobile device.  From the OMM website:

Email Triage: Intelligent Message Prioritization
Mobile users can be overwhelmed by incoming messages on their device. Employing technology developed at Microsoft Research, OMM learns about the urgency of your email messages, and prioritizes them for relay to a mobile device. Intelligent decisions are be made about if and when to notify you. Based on your preference settings, the system can decide that a message can wait until you get back to your desk. This way, only time-critical messages are sent to your mobile device.

OMM has the ability to learn from you to continue to enhance its behavior. It considers feedback and adapts over time and can continue to enhance the quality of its decisions. The system also forecasts the time until you will read a message from your inbox and uses this prediction to determine when it is best to withhold mobile messaging–and to instead simply wait for you read the message in a non-mobile setting.

Works with your lifestyle

OMM knows how you work and when you work, and only notifies you when it is needed. Based on hours of the day, days of the week, and by detecting your presence at your desk–or in your inbox from other sites, you can control the amount of notifications you receive.

Daily Summaries

By integrating with the Outlook calendar, OMM will send you a summary of the days events! You can choose to send each days summary before you start your day, or send tomorrow’s schedule on the night before.

Reminders Just When you Need Them

OMM keeps you connected with critical information about your day–and your life. No need to worry about keeping everything straight while you are on the road. If you are not at your desktop to see a reminder from Outlook about a task or upcoming meeting, you can receive the reminder on your mobile device. OMM keeps you in touch!

IntelliShrink™ Message Formatting

OMM employs IntelliShrink™, a flexible message formatting technology that can custom-tailor information to devices with limited screen sizes and resolution. It uses natural language processing from Microsoft Research to understand the information in a message and compress it so that you get all of the information you need on any device.

I’m going to give it a whirl and see how well it works.  It will be interesting to see how useful the information actually sent to the phone will be.  This could be a killer app for Treo users if it works as advertised.  I’ll ask Marc Orchant to give it a try and report what he thinks.

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