Etch-A-Mac: Permanently tattoo your precious gadgets


At Macworld Boston this week, a new service called Etch-A-Mac was debuted. “Wait, does that company do what I think they do?” you might ask. And yes, they do. This company has just launched their new laser-based personalization service which uses a CO2 laser to etch practically anything you want onto your iPod or Powerbook. And just like body tattoos…these suckers are permanent. So don’t be so quick to tattoo your precious Powerbook with “I Love Suzzy”…you might be painfully reminded of just how much you hate Suzzy years down the road.

What’s the cost? iPod etching ranges anywhere from $20 up to $50 while Powerbooks range anywhere from $35 to $200 based on whether you want text and/or images and how much of item your etching will cover.

No clue on what the time frame is for getting your gadget goods marked for life and you currently can only order the service via phone or email. If anybody gets this done, definitely let us know. I’m quite curious as to what the quality of this is.

Here are some images (which appear to just be mock ups) of the service:

Etch-A-Mac: iPod mini
Etch-A-Mac: iPod
Etch-A-Mac: Powerbook



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A good alternative to this would be to go to and you could get a sticker that does not leave residue and can be removed and replaced. they have designs and bands and other cool images. i don’t think that you could have your own image though.


Yeah, i thought about doing it, but i just got a new video ipod and im uncomfortable with sending it in


Great, now I can put any sort of copyright infringement right on my iPod! Peeing Calvin, meet iPod!

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