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Crazy Frog Descending On North America

Crazy FrogAll you Americans who were disappointed you weren’t getting any of the Crazy Frog fun, turn that frown upside down! Universal will distribute the first Crazy Frog album, “Crazy Hits”, in September. The album will be released in the UK on July 25th, and will contain another remix — of Gershon Kingsley’s 1972 hit “Popcorn” — that is due to be released August 15. The UK playlist is listed in the article (I want to hear the remake of Pump Up The Jam) but the US playlist hasn’t been finalised yet.
(story correction: I’m sure all my readers know this, but just in case…the Crazy Frog sound was created by Daniel Malmedahl imitating a two-stroke moped, Erik Wernquist then added the frog image and called it The Annoying Thing. Jamba renamed it Crazy Frog when they licensed it…as if that fooled anybody).
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