10.4.2 + Safari + Saft = Problem


Just a quick heads-up in case you haven’t noticed yourself…

If you’re running the Saft plugin for Safari, it WILL break Safari following the update to 10.4.2. Opening Safari will pop up a window telling you that Saft isn’t supported in the current Safari version and it gives you the option to Try Anyway, Quit Saft, Ok. However I get the Beachball of Death here, and have to Force Quit Safari.

Just navigate to /Library/InputManagers/Saft. I just dragged the entire Saft folder to the Desktop for now. Launch Safari again and you should be fine. Now just wait for the Saft update to be released…




I have the same problem. But when I go to input managers there is no saft folder… Safari just won’t work now.
I went to the website but I can’t see any patch.


Nick Santilli

Scott – Thanks. It was almost 3am when I found this out and posted about it. Was too tired to even think of checking to see if an update was available…


I noticed the same thing and immediately took Saft out of the picture. Then hit up the Saft site and saw that he already has an update out for 10.4.2 Safari update.

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